Saturday 15 June 2013

Simple collage picture for a new baby

15th June 2013

Today I finished a picture I started weeks ago!

I discarded my first two designs as they looked too 'busy' in the frame. Hope it's third time lucky and the parents like it.

I sponge painted the background then cut out balloon shapes in brightly coloured felt. The letters on the balloons were made with a substance called Filigree Fluid which when heated with a heat gun puffs up. It reminded me of the ' Serpent' in indoor fireworks!! Happy memories. I hand stitched over the letters to give a candy stripe effect then  attached the ribbons and balloons to the background using free machining in silver thread.

As it wasn't raining this morning I picked some small flowers to press ready for the next paper making session. Now I must do the ironing!!

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  1. Wow this is lovely - you could definitely sell these!