Wednesday 12 June 2013

Experimenting and having fun!!

12th June 2013

It was pouring down when I looked out of my window this morning so made my coffee and proceeded to play!

Last week I asked my husband if he had any small pieces of wood as I wanted to try making some string stamps. This idea came from Sonja's blog (

Yesterday he came in from his garage/workshop with 4 blocks glued with string patterns!!
This morning I tried them out on some old, dyed pieces of calico. I think they will be good for practising free machining.

I also used another idea from Sonja's blog for printing using an acrylic stamp.

I used calico and fabric paints in shades of green as I needed background fabric for some projects I have planned. Again please excuse the photo's.

I pressed the brush loaded with paint onto the block until it was covered then pressed it down onto the fabric, I was quite pleased with the effect.

My last background was made by making long brushstrokes in shades of green. I had to print this a couple of times as I needed a thicker print.

My last task was to dye some scrim for my project. I washed the scrim first and was surprised by the amount the fabric shrank! I must remember to wash the whole peice next time before dyeing. I chose red, blue and mixed a little of each in another plastic pot which I hope will be a lovely shade of purple.

It had now stopped raining so we took our dog for a bracing 3 mile walk along the Promenade. 

On the way home I booked a stall at a Craft Fair on 15th July at the Solaris Centre on the promenade. This will be my first fair as a stall holder so it is all very exciting!!!

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