Friday 14 June 2013

Silk paper with dried leaves

14th June 2013

I have had a great morning 'craft playing' with a friend. It is great to chat and share ideas.

A few weeks ago I was trawling the local charity shops for anything I could use in my crafting and I found a good sized flower press for £1.99! I picked leaves from the garden and pressed them. This is a selection.

I took my bag of silk cocoon and dried leaves with me to Joanne's. We made some silk paper-about 3 thin layers- then placed the leaves on top and added another fine layer of silk. This paper is much more delicate than the daisy paper as we didn't want to stitch this but thought it would lovely on the front of a card.

We were really pleased with the results.

I have also used painted Lutradur on sponge printed scrim to make these cards.

The painted Lutradur is ironed on Bondaweb then cut out into petal shapes and ironed then stitched onto the scrim. I do like the texture of the scrim.

My last news of this post is I downloaded Unit 3 and it looks so exciting!  

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