Saturday 22 June 2013

Space dyeing

22nd June 2013

I wanted to dye background fabrics for flowers and seascape colours for another picture.

I had prepared muslin, calico, linen, scrim, embroidered muslin and bamboo/silk yarn for dyeing by washing and then soaking in cold water.

I layered the fabric in folds and spooned the dye over lengthways. I used diluted dyes as I wanted more subtle shades. I mixed different strengths of blue and yellow dye to make make(hopefully) shades of green. The calico was the top layer and I sprinkled some yellow and blue Procion powder in some areas.
 It is great to try and create with dyes because you always finish with a surprise!!

  The beginning

I forgot to add the linen to the bowl so put it in the remainder of all the dyes!!

The result was...

very subtle shades of green.


Lovely for a couched background or seascape.


This was more blue than green and my least favourite!!


You can see where I have added the powder but I do like the tie/dye effect.

These fabrics are embroidered muslin and I want to use this fabric to make lavender bags.

White muslin

I will make another picture with these fabrics and yarns tomorrow.

The shades in my fabrics are more blue/green but I am happy with them. Next time I will either use a green dye or try adding more yellow! Experimenting is really good the fun!

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