Saturday 1 June 2013

Machine programmed stitches and weaving

1st June 2013

Today I thought I had better have another look at my Unit 2 instructions and realised I had digressed a little so now am back on course!

I used the last of the dyed muslin to try out the programmed stitches on my new machine(my other expired after 25 years) As the muslin was very fine I stitched it onto some thermal lining I had which is quite thick, I was hoping for a quilted effect. It was a great exercise to choose the stitches and try them out in different widths and lengths in a variety of threads.  The photo shows just half of the fabric and isn't very clear, the other piece was very blurry.

Next I cut off a length of the stitched fabric to put in my sketch book with the number of the stitch beside each row as a sample. I cut the remainder in half and cut strips for weaving.

I then stitched along the edges using variegated thread and various zigzag stitches. I am fairly pleased with the result but would not use such a thick base fabric next time as the piece is very 'solid' almost like a table mat!! I really like using variegated threads and am building up a collection.

I then used the last piece of brightly coloured calico. I ironed it onto Bondaweb, cut it out in wavy lines then ironed these pieces onto a fine scrim. When I stitched these on in close zigzag and variegated thread the scrim was slightly distorted and I liked this surprise effect. I might mount this piece for a picture.

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