Sunday 2 June 2013

Cable stitching

2nd June 2013

My course describes cable stitch as 'cable stitch is made by winding a heavy thread (that cannot be threaded through the needle) onto the bobbin and working with the reverse side of the fabric uppermost. You will not be able to see what you are stitching, which makes a lovely surprise when you take the fabric from the machine and turn it over. 

Well, my first attempt was NOT a lovely surprise!! lots and lots of huge loops so then I played with the top tension for quite a while, definitely trial and error, but finally managed to produce something I was quite pleased with. This process took 3 hours with numerous cups of coffee. Luckily I didn't need to alter the bobbin tension, I must get a spare case for when I use a thicker thread. I used perla embroidery thread with different top threads to see the effect.

  My early attempts using pale blue variegated perla thread and variegated top thread. I have shown the back then the front. I also found I needed to stitch fairly slowly when making circles as when I went faster the top thread was pulled through-I like the effect but don't think it is right!

My final piece this morning is stitched on calico. I tried dyeing on wet fabric with the powder and spread some out with a fine brush. I was really pleased with it and took a photo to show when the fabric was wet.

This is the same piece dry!! not so good.

I used this to do my cable stitch and liked the finished result-I want to sew beads in the centre, may do that at a later date.

All for now, the grass needs cutting and the dog needs walking!!


  1. Hello Irene,

    I am also doing the course. But it takes you 3 hours for cable stitch, well it takes me 3 weeks.
    I am ways behind because of this crazy stitch but in the end I alos hope to finish unit 2 at the end of this week.
    You have beautiful work. Ireally love it. Congratulations
    Chris from Belgium

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments. I am also looking forward to seeing your Unit 2 samples.
      It is great to see how other people have interpreted the sections in the course.