Sunday 30 June 2013

Cow Parsley Picture using free machining

30th June 2013

Greetings from a very windy Blackpool!

Today I cut a piece from my dyed linen fabric and decided to print a background of leaves using the leaves I had previously dried.        

This time I used a brush(instead of a sponge) to paint each leaf before placing it on the cloth. I then took a firm cardboard roll and rolled quite firmly over the leaf. The result was much clearer using this method.

Next I used wadding and felt to back this fabric to give a quilted effect. I then free machined the 'cow parsley' onto the fabric using variegated threads and a narrow satin stitch for the stems. I also gently sponge printed yellow and a touch of orange into the background. (This idea came from the 'Stitch' magazine.)

I am going to hand embroider white french knots on my train journey to London tomorrow!


  1. This is gorgeous. Are you going to frame it?

  2. It depends on how it looks when I have hand embroidered!!