Thursday 16 October 2014

Cards and a Cover

16th October 2014

Busy day, Pilates, made 3 cards and nearly finished the cover for my sewing machine.... thread embroidered on hessian using stem stitch and french knots... of my Gelli prints .....

....leaf Gelli print....

.....cover for my machine....

....need to line and neaten.

Also making progress with my secret project.


The Be Creative prompt for today was grain, first thought of the grains we eat, then a grain of sand then the grain in wood which evoked memories of my dad who was a cabinet maker by trade. I was fascinated when he could name a piece of wood by its grain and loved watching him french polish an item he had made to enhance the richness of the wood.

He made me a love spoon many years ago....

.....sadly I dropped it when dusting and chipped it but I love it and it is so good to have something that he made!

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