Sunday 19 October 2014

A Fantastic Course -Stitch Collage with Anne Brooke

19th October 2014

Spent a brilliant day creating a mixed media collage using fabrics, maps, wallpaper, machine and hand stitching.

The event was organised by Linda Robinson of Creative Threads in a large room in the Art Centre in Garstang.  (Linda Robinson)  (Anne Brooke)

Anne showed us samples of her work using mixed media, tore a selection of papers and stuck them down prior to machining...

...stitching around the edges of the papers to secure....

.....Basic outlines completed, now for free machining.....

.....Anne with the finished piece which was further embellished with hand stitching and buttons buttons

We went off to make our own pictures.....

...this was the 'inspiration' for mine....

...I tore and cut papers and fabrics that I had painted over the last couple of years as well as strips of wallpaper....

....I will post the result when I have finished adding buttons, beads and embroidery!!

When everyone had stuck down Anne demonstrated the stitching and away we went, so enjoyable...

...Everybody in the room kindly allowed me to take photos, the first is after sticking and the second is after machining and hand embellishing....

...not finished yet but the stitching brings it all to life!

Toadstools and fairies....

.....beads, squins, buttons and lace have been added.....










A Windy Day

This was finished, I missed taking the before photo!

A really inspiring, relaxed day, just wonderful!!!

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