Wednesday 1 January 2014

Cut Away Extended Sample

1st January 2014!


My hopes for 2014:-    health
                                    joyful family times
                                    develop computer and embroidery skills
                                    read 52 books!!
                                    try 2 new recipes every month
                                    learn to follow a crochet pattern
                                    make a monthly 'to do' list!!

Well I've made the January 'to do' list-just need to do the jobs!!!

I have really enjoyed using my soldering iron in my cut away sample.

I chose a spray dyed piece of linen scrim as the base layer, a light natural cotton scrim, printed Evolon (a soft, non woven polyester and nylon fabric) and patterned organza.

Evolon, fabric paints and an acrylic block...

..ready to mix..

...printed fabric, swirl design is made with a wide, flat brush on the block...

...then mixed a much lighter orange and dabbed with the brush.

While this was drying I used a square metal template to 'cut' 2 layers of organza..

...the flower pot is a great safe way to store the soldering iron when in use!

Fabrics ready for layering and stitching....

....I used a narrow satin stitch in a variegated thread to bind all the squares and my twin needle to form the grid...

..heat cut a smaller square from Evolon....

..then the light scrim was cut away using a small pair of scissors revealing the base scrim.

Finally stitched all raw edges, added some little circles and fringed the two scrim layers.

I like the colours and different textures in this sample, just wish the bottom right square was straighter!!

Think I will have to make the Honesty sample next.....

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