Saturday 18 January 2014

Tie Dyeing with Unexpected Results!

18th January 2014

This morning I downloaded my Unit 6 work and it looks so interesting, which means lots of playing and experimenting with Transfer Paints. I have ordered my paints and have lots of ideas in my head!!

As well as Unit 6 I have to make a start on my final project. I have decided to make a baby playmat/quilt so today I tie dyed the backing fabric....

..pre washed thick cotton... it was such a large piece I folded, rolled and tied it...

...then mixed a small amount of blue Procion dye to a large amount of yellow making green...

..because the fabric was so thick I added a lot of water to a few drops of blue dye and left it to soak while I took Jack for a walk.

The clouds were amazing..

..sun trying to peep out..

...a cold east wind made us hurry home to milky coffee and Christmas cake with cheese-mmmmm.

After this treat I rinsed my fabric but forgot the rubber gloves so I now have blue hands!!!!!

Amazingly the fabric wasn't green but shades of blue???????

So my green fabric tie dye looks like this!! I love the pattern so will just go with the flow.

I have always found dyeing exciting but tie dyeing is really good as the result is always a total surprise!

I am going to use fabric in primary colours for the squares of the playmat with appliqued or stitched motifs but haven't bought the fabric yet.

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  1. What a gorgeous end result. I wonder what you will use it for?