Friday 24 January 2014

Gift for a New Baby and my Hand Made Book for Unit 6

24th January 2014

I have spent a very pleasant morning making a gift for a new baby! I found some pretty fabrics in my stash and decided to make a simple picture with a little hand sewing instead of machining......

 ...fabric cut to the size required, spotty  fabric was backed with Bondaweb and letters cut out...

..hand stitched in blanket and running stitch in a silk thread...

..framed and ready for posting!

So satisfying to complete a project in one sitting, helped by coffee of course!

My book making is quite another matter, mainly because all the processes need to dry out before the next step!

I stitched and gave my silk paper 3 coats of acrylic wax.... step was to cut the pelmet vilene, back, front and spine..

...then glued onto paper...

..this was pressed under a pile of books and left overnight.

I used some paint I had left from printing to coat paper for the inner book cover...

and left to dry.

Inner cover glued in place..

...finished book..

..pleased with the result, just hope it is big enough!!!

Tomorrow I have to psyche myself up for the 3rd attempt at Transfer Paints, watch this space!.

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  1. This is gorgeous. I'll have to see it in the flesh (you know what I mean.) I want to feel the textures and see exactly what you have done. It is so pretty. Now I know that working is getting in the way of doing the things I love!