Wednesday 15 January 2014

General Update

15th January 2014

On Monday I posted my work to Anne.

I also sent my booking form and deposit for Oxford Summer School- Beachcombing with Anne Griffiths- and I received confirmation of my place today.

I have completed 1 task from my January To-Do List and am half way through another!

I am on my 4th book of 2014 Book Challenge.

I have almost finished the back of the jacket/cardi for my daughter...

...but it isn't big enough!!!! 
I checked my tension and it was the same as the pattern but I know I won't have enough wool even though I ordered extra!
I just hope I can get the same lot number or we will have to rethink.

As I was sorting through my book shelves I came across a little book I had made when I did a calligraphy course.....

..I still love this fabric and have some in my stash! 

This was an end of term project, an alphabet book in...

...Decorated Lombardic Capitals.

An example of letter R

I vaguely remember how it was made by stitching the pages in 2's, joining along the spine and covering  cardboard with the fabric.

I decided to make a book for my Unit 6 work using spare pages from previous sketch books with my own decorated silk paper (iron method).

Silk paper ready for decoration....

..paper folded ready for stitching...

...I used silk thread to stitch the pages...

...stitched together along the spine ready for backing...

..just hope it works!!

The sun is shining after a drizzly morning so am now going to walk Jack and absorb some Vitamin D!

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  1. Ohh, I love the book you made for your course. This is going to make a fantastic display book for your work.

    I hope you get more wool -- i love the cards so far.