Monday 6 January 2014

Unit 5 Book Cover

6th January 2014

As I have nearly finished Unit 5 I decided to make a cover for my work book.

I used a double layer of black felt fabric, needle felted then stitched the flower on the front....

...made cords using green and red Merino fleece to match the flower...

...then decided to make  'buttons' from the red fleece using a single felting needle....

..stitched some black seed beads and attached the cords and 'buttons'... bulky file is now secure!

When I was looking in through my numerous craft books for ideas and inspiration I came across a sheet of my handmade paper with the imprint of a large leaf.....

...I followed the leaf shape and veins with free motion stitching in a lovely green variegated thread.

A reminder of a very interesting and enjoyable weekend!!

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