Saturday 25 January 2014

Continuing Experimenting/Playing with Transfer Paints!!!

25th January 2014

I am finding Transfer Paints very challenging!!!

Took me 30 minutes sorting suitable fabrics ( I hope ) from my stash to play...

 ..tried the daffodil again....

..hope it looks better when stitched!

The colours are SO different when transferred.

A mixture of the red and yellow with some overlap...

...I don't know why the left side is paler, maybe I didn't heat it as much!!

Using paint left in the palette, I pressed the brush randomly on one side of the paper....

...folded and pressed...

..not enough paint so I blobbed yellow and red straight from the bottle, folded and pressed again..

..lovely and plenty of paint...

..the colours were so different and I tried really hard applying the heat!!

When I really looked at this I 'saw' a bowl of flowers so might try to stitch this impression.

I am determined to keep trying, it will not beat me!!

I think I may try adding a touch of black to tone down the colour but that is for another day.

I really need to stitch today.

Any advice or help will be very gratefully received from anybody who has worked with Transfer Paints x


  1. I really like the colours once they are on the fabric. It's looking like my kind of thing to play with.

  2. When working with transfer paints, try a hotter iron (the baking parchment will protect the fabric from the heat) Work with 100% synthetic fibers. And make more than one print, often the second and third prints are much better than the first one. And keep moving your iron.

  3. Thank you, I do have my iron on the hottest setting and have been pressing for longer but although I try really hard for an even heat coverage I usually manage a pale spot! I am now enjoying the whole process and will continue to experiment but I have a feeling the outcome will always be a surprise!! I have also noticed the 100% acrylic/polyester give a better result but will try reusing the papers.