Saturday 14 June 2014

Experimenting with Merino Fleece and Hand Stitching

14th June 2014

Started the day on my embellisher at 7.30am!!

I wanted to make a piece of 'fabric' from some lovely Merino Fleece in my stash....

.....first length attached...


This fabric is so soft to touch and I have similar shades in silk noils so watch this space!


Had my shower, dried my hair, got dressed then cleaned my glasses and the lens fell out so I had to go to the opticians as I cannot read anything without my glasses!! Fortunately they are just round the corner and were very helpful.
 Popped into the charity shop near by and found this lovely lot....

...I feel some dyeing in the near future!! A wonderful bargain at 25p per item!


Walked the dog but it was very breezy on the prom. The tide was in and Jack and I managed a very quick paddle!

Came home and sat in the sun to try out some hand stitching on the piece I had embellished with scrim, threads and silk noils....

...lots of stitching which I found very relaxing!

Lastly the postman brought this....

...a lovely surprise as I thought it wasn't due until the 20th.


I have also booked a tour with the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court in July on my next visit to London and I also hope to see the Wedding Dress Exhibition at the V&A.

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