Sunday 22 June 2014

A Creative Weekend

22nd June 2014

Lovely sunny, breezy weather here in Blackpool, hope it is good where you are!

I think I mentioned a while ago that I joined an on line creative group and each month there is a creative weekend organised by Myfanwy Hart. This comprises of a series of 'prompts' at 3 hour intervals.
So much fun to do...

1st prompt was take a sheet of A4 and fold into 16 equal sections and subsequent prompts tell you what to do eg. fill 2 sections with lines, boxes etc.
....the result, but there is more to come!!

Members post their work and I am always amazed how the same prompt can produce so many variations.

Another was cut a piece of A4 widthways , weave then draw around both hands overlapping, take apart and repeat...

....take apart and glue to remake sheet.. join the ends!!!  This would be great for children to do!!

The result.

I also made a postcard to exchange with another member but STUPIDLY forgot to take a photo before I posted it!! The theme was 'House' and I made a cottage using my hand made felt, machine and hand stitching.

This will be the last I share....

....prompts were to choose a piece of fabric, then 3 smaller pieces, then later to cut and stitch.... space dyed fabric, linen, cotton, velvet and muslin...

....after hand stitching...

...really enjoyed this task!


I also prepared a background using my embellisher...

...a little hand felting...

....I used some for my postcard and the poppy bit isn't finished yet, watch this space.


These smell wonderful when I am sitting in the garden reading....

.....and this is perfect for 'wee beasties'....

...Mr D cut back our ivy hedge yesterday and this was from the top of our gate post!!!!! 

A work of natural art I think.... is this, can you see the 'faces' in this bunch of honesty???

I am hoping it dries well for some craft work but in the meantime it makes me smile when I look at it!

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