Tuesday 16 September 2014

A Very Productive Day!!

16th September 2014

Greetings from a warm and sunny Blackpool.....

...started the day in the local charity shops....

...bought this hoop for 10p and I intend to make BIG dorset Buttons for the yarn bomb project!

Also 3 bracelets for a grand total of £1.50, the beads will be so useful on my weaving projects.


Took the dog for a walk while RD was fitting a new kitchen door, he is still at it so tea will be late tonight!!


Made a big Dorset Button using the cardboard circle from sticky tape and garden string... has a loop for hanging on a tree branch for park project.


Psyched myself up to unpack and set up my new wireless printer.... took me AGES but it is now working!


Decided to look on google for a crochet flower tutorial and made these...

....quite pleased with myself!


Also dates for crochet / knitting / pompom and tassel making group have  been made using Tesco Community Room (free) so life is a little exciting at the moment....

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