Thursday 29 August 2013

Whip Stitch Samples for Unit 3

29th August 2013

Just spent a couple of hours practising Whip Stitch. Two different coloured threads are used and the top tension is supposed to be tight to bring the lower thread up to create a speckled effect. This isn't always successful on my machine as changing the Auto tension doesn't seem to make much difference!

I tried pedal fast and hand slow, both pedal and hand the same and used different fabrics. The best results seemed to be on finer fabric with the light coloured thread on top and a dark thread in the bobbin.

This is dyed linen. I started in the centre with top red, purple bobbin and alternated with purple top/red bobbin. Not a lot of 'speckling'. The two outer rings were stitched in zigzag. This gave a good textured line. I made the lines wavy on purpose!

Experimenting with red/purple combination on a linen/viscose.

This was stitched on muslin. The fabric puckered as I didn't use a hoop or stabiliser fabric. The lower thread can be seen more easily on this fabric and more so when the dark thread is in the bobbin.

I printed the flower shapes in orange fabric paint. The larger flower was printed using a wooden block and  a dried poppy head for the small flower. The latter gave a very pretty, delicate shape. 

I used an orange variegated thread with blue in the bobbin, but the blue didn't come through very well on this dense cotton fabric. I free machined in a variety of ways and was quite pleased with the colour and texture.

My next task is an extended sample using programmed stitches, not sure what colour yet, perhaps I need to do some more dyeing.....

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