Monday 26 August 2013

Artisan Apron

26th August 2013

Yesterday I made my Artisan Apron from a pattern bought at the Festival of Quilts from

Janet Clare

This lovely lady was wearing her apron and I loved it and bought the pattern.

I chose linen and cotton, I know linen creases but I love wearing it! 

It is years since I have done any dressmaking and I was quite nervous cutting out the pattern and double checked everything!!

This process made me want to make an item of clothing!

It took about 4 hours from beginning to end and I enjoyed every minute.

                                                              The back view ( better than the front)

I was tempted to decapitate!!!

A number of people said they liked it at the craft fair and asked where I had bought the pattern so I gave them my blog address!!

I made my apron reversible so the other side is patterned with grey pockets. 
This matches my stall which has grey and white cloths and grey and white striped bags. 

I intend to wear this apron when I am 'textile working' and will not do any washing, ironing, cooking or housework when I am wearing it.... maybe I will wear it all the time!!!!!


  1. It's a gorgeous apron and you look lovely in it x

  2. Thank you, it took about 4 hours to make and it is great not to have ties and neck loops.

  3. Love the apron, you look great. I want one too!

  4. If we ever meet up you can try it on and I will make you one if you choose the fabric!!