Friday 9 August 2013

Cushion and Kindle Cover using needle felted Merino Fleece

9th August 2013

I had a brilliant day at the Festival of Quilts show yesterday.
The Quilts -wall hangings- were amazing and inspiring!

I bought more fabric than I intended but just couldn't resist and it will be fun deciding what to do with it.

These were squares of silk and I just loved the colours and textures.

I also bought these lovely wooden stamps from Colouricious.

Today I finished two projects ready for my stall on Sunday.

                      Finished cushion, linen with Merino Fleece circles with buttons in the centre.
Fleece and needle felting tools

Fleece circles and flowers, I decided to just use the circles.

I also made a Kindle Cover using wet felted Merino Fleece.
I used free machining to create the spiral design and finished with blanket stitch using my dyed yarn.


  1. Thank you, I get side tracked very easily but felting is quite addictive, a bit like dyeing, as the result is often a surprise.