Sunday 4 August 2013

Two pictures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

4th August 2013

I think I have mentioned before that I really like Andy Goldsworthy's work.

I have wanted to make these two pictures for a while and today was the day!

A lot of my work recently has been in vibrant colours so it was quite a change to work in grey.

I used a piece of grey felt as my base fabric for couching 3 different yarns in a wide zigzag stitch. The yarns were Alpaca and Donegal Tweed

I couched the 3 yarns for the background then cut out a circle from linen backed with Bondaweb which I ironed on the background.

I then used a narrow satin stitch to attach the fabric.

I used a variegated grey thread and various widths of satin stitch to make diagonal lines across the circle of linen.

For the second picture I used needle felted grey fleece and free machining for the background.

I cut out the 'stones' from bondaweb backed grey linen.

The photo above my work is Andy Goldsworthy's work.

I then free machined using a variety of shades of grey/black threads.


I really enjoyed this exercise but will use colour tomorrow!!


  1. I have missed keeping up with your art work while I have been away. Just spent a pleasant few minutes catching up while I wait for the washing machine to finish. Once again I am in awe of your diverse work, I particularly like the cards made with the flowers and your pebble picture.

  2. Thank you Carmel, I am really enjoying experimenting with different textiles, yarns and colours.