Friday 16 August 2013

Knitted Items

16th August 2013

I am in London this week spending precious time with my family.

 I had a lovely surprise day out to Brighton on Tuesday with my daughter-the organiser- son and sister. We looked at shops in 'The Lanes', the amazing buildings and gardens then went for a bracing walk along the promenade to a great fish restaurant where we enjoyed a leisurely lunch. Arrived home at 8.30pm and was asleep by 9pm after all the walking and wonderful sea air!

                                          Brighton Pavilion

I used to knit every day before I started my course but don't seem to have much time these days-too busy dyeing, felting and machining!

As my blog includes the word 'knit' I thought I would show some finished knitted items as I usually bring my yarn and needles to London with me-easier than hauling my machine!!

I have made a few baby blankets/shawls as presents over the last year. I have draped them over a chair so the pattern is clearer.

This blanket took ages as I really had to concentrate and it took three attempts before I mastered the pattern. I like a challenge!
 I used a bamboo/silk mix yarn and it is so soft. 

This blanket was made in 100% cotton 4ply in cable stitch-much easier to knit.

This is one of my favourites and I have made about 4 in this design. It was from a Sirdar pattern which I had to replace as my dog shredded my first copy!! I now have to go in a room and lock the door when I knit as Jack (my dog) loves to grab the ball of yarn and run off with it!! I keep telling him that dogs don't do that but he doesn't take any notice!!

This week I have made a hat in 4ply cotton yarn and a pair of bootees.

I am now going to hand embroider a napkin for 'The Napkin Project' but more about that another day...

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