Saturday 17 August 2013

A great day out!

17th August 2013

Just arrived back after a very enjoyable day on King's Road.

My daughter and I went to The Saatchi Gallery where the theme was paper.

These were amazing paper sculptures created from various paper bags!! The artist had cut out an incredibly delicate tree shape from the side of the bags, these shapes then dropped down inside the bag.
Here is a small selection.

                                          The side of the bag on a perspex shelf.

                                        Looking into the front of the bag where the tree shape is still attached.

This was made from a thick card cognac box.

Made from a black carrier bag.

The artist.

This 'flower arrangement' was actually created using coloured newspaper, wire and glue and this wasn't obvious until we looked really closely. My daughter is in the picture also taking a photo.

A close up of a 'rose'.

We then visited the interactive gallery and had fun!! 

Afterwards we sampled some delicious food from the market in the square outside the gallery.

A very enjoyable day!

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