Sunday 18 August 2013

A Day in Kew Gardens

18th August 2013

This morning my sister and I walked from Richmond to Kew along the path beside the Thames. It was extremely busy with walkers and cyclists and our first destination was The Orangery for a well deserved cup of coffee!

The park was so busy with people of all ages and nationalities enjoying the many delights of Kew.

The theme for Kew was edible plants and vegetables and there were a number of beds planted with a huge variety of pumpkins.

We could see some toadstool structures in the distance and went for a look! I really liked the way the canes had been woven around a metal shape to create these large structures/works of art.
                                                      My sister insisted on one photo of me!!

                                           These were at least 10 feet tall.

I loved the shape and colour of these and you can see one of the many pumpkin beds in the foreground.

These are formal beds planted with a huge variety of vegetables.

And now a flavour of Kew....

                                         These alium seed heads were HUGE!! almost the size of a football.


Wish my photography was better as this was really beautiful and there was also the sound of the waterfall.

                                         I loved this grass bed swaying in the wind.
                                         Had to touch these!!

Back to Blackpool tomorrow and also back to textile blogging.....

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