Thursday 30 April 2015

An Experiment Using Water Soluble Fabric

30th April 2015

Today this came onto my FB page.....

.....after a busy morning involving Pilates, food shopping and library visit I wanted to try the method on the video.....

....placed some organza shapes, cut with my soldering iron, in between folded soluble fabric in a hoop... machined using variegated thread.... took about half an hour, then I rinsed in warm water and placed over a small up turned dish...

...I love these colours but unfortunately I didn't overlap the stitching enough, even though it looked as though I had before it was rinsed!! 

Not sure how long it will take to dry or whether it will keep the bowl shape!!

I will show when I can, but I did enjoy the process, might even try using silk 'hankies' next time.

Watch this space!!

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