Saturday 2 August 2014

Little Blue Book

2nd August 2014

Home again and have been busy unpacking and restocking the fridge!!

On my way to the course yesterday I was wishing it was Thursday, not Friday!

I so enjoyed my week and am looking forward to finishing tasks and recording in my journal.

Yesterday we produced  little books using some of our dyed fabrics.....

 .....tie dyed muslin with a small pattern...


......the feather was from Blackpool beach....

....2.5" x 2.5", pages printed on recycled denim paper.


My stitch magazine had arrived while I was away.....

....decorative Dorset Buttons, must try these!


I booked my accommodation through air b&b and I was really fortunate to stay with Katherine and Richard Shock, who made me very welcome! Katherine is an artist and Richard is a woodturner and I loved their work.....


The people in my group were so talented and examples of their work can be found on.....

.....definitely worth a look!!!

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