Tuesday 5 August 2014

A Blast from the Past!!!

5th August 2014

As you know I am clearing the loft so that I can have a work place/studio.

There was a dark hole under the eaves that I didn't want to put my hand in because I really don't like spiders and thought it was a good place for them to lurk!!

So, I asked RD to see what he could find in the 'hole'.

He was so pleased when he found two leather jackets that I made for him over 40 years ago!!!!

I can't believe I made them, I am sure I couldn't do it now!!!

We are talking late 60's...

....when leather skins were easily available.....

......hand stitched finish, I remember having sore fingers!!!


I intended to do some free machining on my indigo fabric but just didn't have time today!!!!

Maybe tomorrow....

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