Wednesday 20 August 2014

Free Machining and Attaching Suffolk Puffs and Dorset Buttons

20th August 2014

After torrential rain at 6.30 am the sun came out and I enjoyed a walk on the beach in my wellies, unfortunately I forgot my camera which was a shame as the clouds were amazing!

Went to the park to edge the Sensory Beds and do a little dead heading of Marigolds. My gardening friend brought me an Allium seed head, so beautiful.....

.....the wind blew my Agapanthus over so I cut them and put in a small vase with some sweet peas, love these colours.


Did I mention how much I loved my loft space??

The light is great and I spent a very pleasant couple of hours free machining my indigo fabric wall hanging......

......I decorated my Suffolk Puffs and attached to a piece of Kantha stitched Shibori indigo dyed fabric...

....three pieces of indigo fabric backed with fine cotton wadding.... machined and then attached Dorset Buttons.


My son is cooking tonight and the aromas are WONDERFUL!!!!

More info about this meal tomorrow....

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