Saturday 15 February 2014

Transfer Painted Leaf Designs

15th February 2014

I am a little addicted to TP after my shaky start!!

 I painted some of my leaf designs then transferred..... decided to stitch....

..this looks like silk but is actually 100% polyester which somebody gave me. I used tear away paper for stitching ( free machined using mainly zigzag )

...then cut away the fabric using my soldering iron...

...backed with scrim and hessian and appliqued in place...

..might make this into a card.

I don't quite know where this comes in Unit 6 -think I have wandered off the path!!

These arrived in the post...

..a quilting, piping and cording foot, can't wait to try them out. I bought them from and received brilliant help and service.

Now I really must 'bite the bullet' and start my final project-a quilted play mat!!


  1. Your autumnal leaves are gorgeous. I have just been working with hessian on my book cover and it made me wonder what the delicate leaf would be like backed by velvet or even silk.

  2. I am sure it would look stunning, especially on velvet which has a lovely texture! I really enjoyed stitching the leaf and liked the final 3D effect.