Monday 24 February 2014

Dyeing and Experimenting with the Play-mat Squares

24th February 2014

I have been worrying about the play-mat squares, in fact woke in the night and couldn't go back to sleep!

I decided to quilt the squares before I added the applique shapes, forgot to take a photo!

I then cut out a simple moon and apple shape from fabric backed with Bondaweb.

Then I decided to iron these onto a fine wadding so the ridges from the quilted square wouldn't show through!

Next stitched in place using satin stitch......

..quite pleased with the result although a little fiddly!

I also added stitching to the sun motif.... happier with this.

Now I will have to unpick the caterpillar and butterfly panels at the edges and quilt around the shapes.

I feel so much more positive about my project now.

I also wanted some purple shaded fabric so more experimenting....

...I painted procion dye along the top of the wet fabric, diluted then painted another row, then used purple fabric paint on the lower part...


Love these shades...

...but not so good when dry!!!

So I made a new batch of purple procion and folded the fabric and placed some in the tray of dye...

..over about an hour I eased more fabric into the tray to try to grade the colour...

...rinsed and wet...

...not quite what I had in mind!! Will have to see the result when dry.

As I had dye left I diluted in varying degrees into 4 plastic beakers and added calico and muslin to each..

...results tomorrow!

Lastly, I tried the stepper and lasted only 1 minute before my thighs complained!!!

I prefer Pilates!

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