Tuesday 18 February 2014

More Preparation!

18th February 2014

The last two days my head has been a JUMBLE of thoughts!!

Can't seem to get my act together at all although I have really tried!

Not a lot to report, fruitcake made for a special person's special birthday, now on edging for my daughter's cardi/jacket (just hope I have enough yarn), tried to walk the dog but he kept digging in with his back legs and refused to go to the beach,  washing, ironing, changing beds, cleaning......

..when I write it down I have achieved quite a lot but it isn't very CREATIVE!!!

I made a card...

....and started preparing very simple sketches for the play-mat...

....all for now, hope I get my buzz back soon!!


  1. I like the sketches. It will all come together when you start looking for the fabrics.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! What a cutie pie!! I love that little fella