Saturday 1 February 2014

Quilted Transfer Paint Design

1st February 2014

Happy February from a very wet and windy Blackpool. Chanced a walk along the prom this morning,  the waves were crashing over the lower prom then it started to hail so we gave up and hurried home!!

I was in the mood for experimenting and stitching....

....painted a poppy head with T.P and used some dried wild flowers...

...I ironed the green background using the flower as a resist...

...then ironed on my poppy head.

Next I chose some tea dyed fabric as the background and used the poppy head a second time and was quite pleased with the result as I wasn't sure it would print again.

Backing the fabric with a fine wadding I stitched and stitched....

...using brown thread for the outline in a narrow free motion satin stitch and a natural variegated thread for the quilting around the shape.

I think I am going to use a poppy head shape on different backgrounds to show a variety of free motion quilting.

Also this morning I called into the local art shop and bought a new sketch book for Unit 6 as the one I made using my silk paper is just not big enough!!

While I was browsing-fatal for me- I saw these and just had to buy them... hope to make a lino cut poppy head for some other samples.

Watch this space!


  1. Oh my - a new and bigger sketchbook - can the postman cope ;-) ?

  2. Now Anne, don't get too excited, the pages weren't big enough in the one I made!! Also I think I may be going off at a tangent again but am enjoying myself!

  3. I love the transfer paints Irene. I am totally enchanted! I think I might have to see what other colours are available too. I fee as if I'd like a copper shade.