Tuesday 25 February 2014

More Quilting on the Caterpillar Panel

25th February 2014

I have spent a couple of hours this morning free machining around the caterpillar and am so glad I decided to do this as I think it looks much better.....

...really like the texture and 'movement' effect.

The result of my dyeing....

Not quite sure how I am going to use it for a book cover. 
The 'dotty' effect is from the flower design in the fabric as I used a table cloth from the charity shop. 

Now we have to take Jack to the vet for his booster and kennel cough injection. It is really STRESSFUL as he has to be muzzled for the vet's safety and it takes 3 of us to hold him!!

Will let you know how we get on tomorrow!

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  1. The caterpillar looks like it is crawling away while keeping it's eyes on you.