Tuesday 16 October 2018

Painting Fabric

16th October 2018
I bought this great book from Deborah O'Hare at the Festival of Quilts in the summer and yesterday decided to have a go at painting some cotton fabric as I wanted to make some 'Mug Mats'

...after selecting cotton offcuts I started by spritzing the fabric with water then applying some watered down fabric paint....

...coarse seasalt sprinkled over...

....the salt gave a great design on the blue...

....I chose fairly muted colours and I want to experiment with appliqué... this space.

I would definitely recommend this book.


I made removable book covers with the dyed fabric I found in my stash, free machine quilting and hand made cord and bead....

....made a cord by twisting these three yarns and zigzag stitch on the machine... the colours in this, reminds me of a sunset over the sea!!!


Also made some 4'' blank 'poppy' cards by using layers of chiffon circles needle felted onto fabric with hand stitch and beads in the centre.

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