Thursday 11 October 2018

A Day at Ally Pally for the Knitting and Stitching Show

11th October 2018

My journey this morning took twice as long as it should have due to problems on the District Line at Earl's Court so it involved buses and finding a different route! This would have panicked me a year ago but I am now much more confident, just glad I wasn't having to catch a plane!!

The show itself was really good, much better than last year I thought, with some fabulous fabrics and many stands selling dressmaking patterns. There were also some beautiful specialist yarns but I only looked as I still have yarn in my stash to use. It was extremely busy and quite slow to move around with little space on the stands and in the aisles.

I discovered the textile artist show area at the end of the day and was so glad not to have missed it!!

I was unable to take many photos because it was so very busy....

....this wall hanging looked amazing, made up of small squares of a variety of fabrics embellished in so many ways, wish I had taken a close up, also liked the way it cast a shadow on the wall....

....this display was based on the cliff strata on the south coast and looked as though it had been made by stitching/painting paper maybe using heat soluble film....

....there was a large display of similar pieces in various shapes and sizes, long hand embroidery stitches embellished with buttons and lace.

Black thread on dissolvable film and wire representing clematis, again the shadows are beautiful...

...definitely going to try this on a smaller scale!

These strips were very effective but I was unable to work out how it had been done, maybe again using heat soluble film...

....the feather was part of a much larger display in many colours, machine embroidery on fabric.


This last exhibit was so incredibly moving, it is a record in hand stitch, using wool strands on fine net, of the artists mother who developed Dementia... a young woman... the Dementia began..

....asleep in her chair...

....this work was truly amazing and so many people talked to the artist and complimented her on capturing the dementia journey. which they also had travelled with loved ones.

 All proceeds from cards were for the Dementia Society.

There were about 15 large pieces in the series.

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