Friday 26 February 2016

Rust Dyeing

26th February 2016

I spent a lovely afternoon with a friend experimenting with eco and rust dyeing....

...unfortunately didn't take my camera so am unable to share the process!

However I am going to try with some different fabrics this weekend and will try and remember to photograph the stages.

I came home with these tied bundles in the steamer....

....I untied the one on the left as it had the most colour, am leaving the others until Sunday, the very dark marks are what is left of the wire wool...

....after strips had been thoroughly washed and rinsed I hung them out to dry..

.....close up of finer scrim cloth...

...close up of thicker cotton scrim.... reminds me of African Art.

Watch this space for more results of bundles containing leaves, avocado skins, nails and wire wool!!

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