Thursday 18 February 2016

One of Those Days!!!

18th February 2016

I decided to use my stitched indigo fabric for a tote bag using an old denim apron.....

....stitched the fabric onto the denim then Kantha stitched around the edge...

.....attempted to stitch the sides and my machine kept missing stitches, gave my machine a good clean and it wouldn't stitch at all!!

Off to the repair shop tomorrow.

These arrived in the post so was going to complete my book.....

....forgot how to do it and although I searched Pinterest couldn't see how to do it!!

Jack had to go to the vet's for his booster jabs, we gave him the 'calming' tablets so he wouldn't attack us and the vet when we put the muzzle on him, he was very good but wet my coat on the way in the car!! Dry cleaners tomorrow!


On a brighter note.... new year I informed RD and SD that I wasn't going to cook every night and they could choose which night to cook and also decide the menu, WISH I HAD DONE THIS YEARS AGO!!

RD chose Wednesday for his day and yesterday made a steak in Guiness pie and it was DELICIOUS.....

... SD and I were very impressed with the decoration and the taste, RD was awarded 10/10 and I suggested 2 meals each per week, that suggestion went down like a lead balloon!!

We also decided we would try some new recipes, we are having chicken tagine tonight  and SD's wonderful meatballs tomorrow!

Will be knitting for the next few days while my machine is being repaired.......

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