Saturday 16 May 2015

More Experimenting!!

16th May 2015

I have been working on a few things the last couple of days....

I cut flower shapes from my indigo dyed silk and sandwiched between soluble film.... machined using a variegated thread, silver and blue metallic....

.....made this with soluble and silk a few weeks ago, cut off a strip and glued to a small glass....

.....added 3 of the flowers and thought it would make a pretty tea light holder...

......this time used indigo dyed cotton lace.

Making the cover for a hand made book, I have added machine embroidered organza flowers to the felted front.


Just to let you know all my experiments are not successful!!

Using my embellisher to felt this lovely fleece, my gift from Julie, 

....after about an hour of adding fleece and silks this was the result. wet felted using olive soap and placed it over a bowl to dry...

.....the result. 

The felt is quite thin and no longer has texture so will be adding more fleece, threads, silk and machine embroidery to see if I can improve and produce a decent bowl!!!


Enjoy your weekend and please do leave a comment....

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