Wednesday 27 May 2015

Been Blogging Two Years Today!!

27th May 2015

Pageview chart 36844 pageviews - 436 posts,

I am AMAZED by the number of page views from all over the world for something I enjoy doing!

The last couple of days have been quite busy, usual household chores, started painting the kitchen ceiling, shopping for paint samples and lining paper for the walls, cleaning the tops of cupboards, you get the picture!!!

Started tidying my work space and sorted my embroidery threads..... pleased with this special box and love those colours....

.....found items in my stash which I used to make cards to raise funds for the park on our Fun Day.


I finished my costume for Fun Day.


Also found a template for an 'envelope pocket' that can be used to make a book and thought I would try and share this with you, a first for me!!!!

The template is a strip of paper 4x width, this strip is 3" x 12"

....fold in half then half again template to show the folds....

......I have a problem with spacial awareness but really hope this works for you....

.....the left end square is folded up over the triangle fold....

....then folded over the centre square....

....then right triangle is folded into the left triangle...

.....a pocket!

Made some more 2" x 8"...

.....thought they would be a good pocket for a money/voucher gift!

When I was on my Cornwall course Maggie used this method to make a 1" pocket as a label and it contained a special message! 

Also a number of these pockets can be fixed together to make a book.... this space!

I have tried to make my 437th post a little different, hope you liked it!!!

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