Friday 8 May 2015

Goodies from the Postman.....

8th May 2015

Last weekend I ordered some supplies, soluble film, wadding etc..... these little hangers for wall hangings and this bobbin holder....

....this is so much better than my plastic box!


Made simple drawings and copied them onto my new soluble film....

....after stitching, two shades, it is supposed to look like coral!!

Another two shades to make this nautilus shape.... thread kept breaking, not sure why, just hope I have managed to connect all the threads!!

Results tomorrow.

This idea came from a wonderful Australian artist, Meredith Woolnough, needless to say I will need a lot of practise!!

Her beautiful creations are well worth looking at....


This is my ring book covered with my recycled sari fabric...

....good quality paper, ideal for a sketchbook/notebook!


Also been making more bunting ready for our Fun Day in the park in 1 MONTH!!

Have a good weekend....

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