Saturday 7 March 2015

Knitting and Preparing for Indigo Dyeing

6th March 2015  (just realised I didn't publish my post from yesterday!)

Knitting another baby blanket in Debbie Bliss cotton.....

......I started a blanket with this yarn before the Yarn Bombing project and I couldn't remember the pattern, so had to undo and make another!!

Today I started to prepare some muslin for Indigo Dyeing on my course using mung beans and thread...

....I am looking forward to seeing all the results of my Shibori.


Today was the day Jack had to go for his injections, this is a very traumatic event for Jack, RD and myself!!! We had to make sure he ate the calming tablets wrapped in ham....

......after a couple of hours we managed to put on the muzzle to keep the vet and us safe!

I am pleased to report all went well and Jack is now sleeping peacefully and I am enjoying a glass of red to celebrate, trauma over for another year!! 

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