Tuesday 8 July 2014

Prompt 8- Walking in the Rain in Peru!!

8th July 2014

The prompt from Myfanwy this morning was -think of the last time you walked in the rain...... thought led to another, as they do, and I started smiling as I remember walking in the rain in PERU!!  This was 5 years ago!

I have spent the last couple of hours looking through photos and remembering the most amazing adventure of my life!

It all began when my daughter announced she was giving up her job for a year to go travelling, and I replied, "I will come out and meet you somewhere", as I couldn't imagine not seeing her for a year.

We decided on the Machu Pichu Trek BUT the weather had been so bad, rain causing landslides, roads and rail track disappearing that we could not do that trail as it was closed!!

So we went on another Inca Trail to Choquequirao....

...our merry band.... have probably realised I was old enough to be their mother!

This was our guide and he always made sure I was okay, he called me mother!

Nothing prepared me for this trek and those walking poles were invaluable!!

The most amazing scenery and cloud formations..

...the brown strip in the middle of the lower photo was the raging river we had crossed the previous day!!!!

We were well fed...

....our sleeping quarters!

Nearly there....

...we arrived at the Inca site, dripping wet but so thrilled with our achievement....

...on top of the world!

I had hired the waterproof cape, so useful as it covered my back pack, the Australian guys in the group nick named me Gandalf!!

Think I looked more like a Hobbit!!

Thank you Myfanwy for that prompt and enabling me to relive the trip of a life time.


This album was a Christmas gift that year, the cover reminds me of all the beautiful colours in Peruvian clothing ....

...and this made me cry......

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