Tuesday 25 March 2014

Preparing My Own Felt for the Robin and Tree Square

25th March 2014

Have spent the morning 'fiddling'!!

I made simple paper templates .....

..pinned onto my hand made felt...

....cut out and needle felted some detail before I stitch....

....used the safety felting tool for the 'red breast'....

...and a single felting needle for the 'apples'.


I have also started another baby blanket.
 The pattern has been well used and taped together after my dog grabbed it off my knee when I was knitting and decided to eat it!!!!

I am using Debbie Bliss Sublime baby cotton kapok dk which is so soft....

....I adapted the pattern to include a border which is so much easier than picking up stitches from the blanket edge. I have chosen moss stitch as this gives texture and a firm edge.

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