Sunday 30 March 2014

A Brilliant Weekend!

30th March 2014

I have had a lovely weekend.

My eldest son came for a visit, the weather has been sunny and I have managed to do some sewing!

I took photos of some red squares I quilted today but they didn't show the quilting so will have to try again tomorrow!!

My son has upgraded my lap top and my Mother's Day gift was a gadget that will store all my photos so I am a very happy and lucky 'bunny'.

The weather has been lovely this weekend and we have had great beach walks and today a visit to Fairhaven Lake in St Annes whack evoked many happy memories...

..this tree shows which way the wind blows....

....geese and their beautiful goslings.... about a Spitfire funded by the residents of St Annes in the 2nd WW...


Playing with my squares to see how to arrange them....

...not sure whether to have 'blank' quilted squares in each row ?????

This quilted play-mat is taking much longer than I anticipated but I am really enjoying the process.......

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