Tuesday 4 March 2014

Experimenting with Quilting

4th March 2014

I must have been sewing for about 4 hours today and really found the quilting very relaxing!

I first used programmed stitches and feed dog up.....

...zigzag but the machine missed some stitches, will have to hide with applique design!

Next feed dog down and free machining....

....made a paper template... produce this...

......lots of meandering loops...

....stitched using narrow satin...

....then stitched in straight stitch

....this idea was in my Manipulating Fabric book, unfortunately the book sample looked much better!
 I will try this again but won't use satin stitch next time.

After last weeks fiasco at the vets ( Jack went BALLISTIC, bit Ray who had to go for a tetanus ) where they were unable to administer vaccines and made us another appointment for this morning after we had given Jack a sedative.

Ray was wearing his thick, leather motor bike gloves but we were still unable to put the muzzle on Jack and the vet gave us 2 tablets for tomorrow!! I do hope it will be third time lucky!!

This is Jack 3 HOURS after the sedative..... asleep on the sofa in the sunshine, but this only lasted for 30 minutes!!

Think of us tomorrow.......

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