Sunday 2 March 2014

Playing with Piping!

2nd March 2014

The last time I used piping was about 30 years ago when I helped out an upholsterer and I was using an industrial machine and zipper type foot!! 

Today is going to be another learning curve!

I collected together some of my dyed fabrics and yarns....

I had some piping cord, zipper and piping foot ready.

The piping foot was quite fiddly to attach and there wasn't much space between the foot and feed dogs which made it difficult to sew thicker fabrics!

Unit 6 suggests using the zipper foot to enclose the cord then attach this between two pieces of fabric with the piping foot. I followed instructions and it worked except when I removed it from the machine the piping fell out!!!

This was because I made the mistake of having the material the wrong way round!

Note to self:- always make sure the raw edges are on the right hand side of the piping foot!!

I also made a fine braid with my yarn. 

On this example I couched the braid on the darker strip of fabric then piped the cord with the lighter...

...I encased a piece of cord with white organza and piped to make a fine edging...


...back, I used a darker thread in the bobbin....

( just a thought , this method could be used for binding an edge )

....this piping wasn't as neat as the thicker one perhaps I need another piping foot with a smaller groove.

I continued playing...

...couched cord, piping and programmed stitch to make an edging....



...two rows of piping and programmed stitch, another firm edging idea...

.......I ruched the fabric after I had used the zipper foot then piped but had to pull through as the fabric was too thick. Think I might try this with a fine muslin or scrim as I like the effect.

....piped then stitched down the sides.

I watched Sewing Bee this week and thought the piping on the pockets and collars looked really good and gave a professional finish, also a good way to finish a cushion but I could only use finer fabrics with my machine. 

Might have a go at Prairie Points next.... or some more quilting!

Watch this space!

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