Thursday 7 March 2019

Update on work....

7th March 2019

This year I have been putting work in my sketch book as I go along, apart from being very satisfying it is going in my book with notes which really helps me when I want to do something again, I always think I will remember but never do!!!

...I loved doing this, stencilled Devore Paste on Silko and did some weaving, the pale pink at the top was using a very fine silk thread and took me 2 Hours!!! The lower part I used a thicker silk thread and picked up more threads so this only took an hour. I really don't know when I would use this tight weaving but some in the group have used a much freer weaving and the effect is stunning. I will take photos on 'show and tell' this afternoon.

Just playing with the threads here, very slow to do as the threads are so fine but this technique can be done on drawn threads from any fabric, will make some samples next week.

Planned out my lily, tried machining the leaves but didn't like the effect so will hand sew.....

....I traced my design for my Artichoke Collage  and numbered the pieces..... organza taped to a piece of glass and painted with acrylics which seals the edges, I backed this with Bondaweb and ironed on a pale grey satin as a base for my separate pieces...

....managed to make 10 pieces yesterday by making khaki paper templates, placed on fabric, running stitches around the shape to help attaching to curves, VERY fiddly and time consuming!! I have decided to continue this at home as an ongoing project.


The group this week have been using Devore Paste on silk/viscose velvet, and Silko. The silk organza has been used to make butterflies to attach on these fabric backgrounds with some wonderful results, hope to take photos of this work at 'show and tell' this afternoon.
I decided to paint, tracing over glass, a butterfly and make a small shadow work sample by stitching between two pieces of organza. This is an excellent method especially for small delicate shapes including flowers. Will definitely use this technique again.....

....ready to sandwich and stitch detail with free machining. 

It has been a brilliant week, apart from the weather, with so many useful techniques learnt and ideas, equipment freely shared.

Six of us are staying on for another week to work on projects started this week.

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