Saturday 27 August 2016

Quick update...

27th August 2016

We have had some good weather mixed in with days of rain and high winds so on the good days I have enjoyed  gardening in the park and at home and have been playing with colour and texture squares on the bad weather days....

....these are scraps of my handed fabrics with hand stitching as my machine has not been repaired yet!

Mostly simple running stitch and some couched yarn.....

.....I have really enjoyed making these colour squares and have other ideas for layering, cutting back and heating.....

Finished the corner-to-corner crochet blanket, so easy and quick to do, think I will be making more of these, bright colours would be good and so cosy for winter.

This was a great way to use up yarn oddments left over from previous projects.


Watched Great British Bake Off, I enjoy baking but certainly couldn't work under pressure!

Made these chocolate fudge muffins for the first time, my son, the taster, said 'good'!

Praise indeed!!!

Must now try to take Jack for a walk......

.....have a good weekend.

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