Wednesday 3 August 2016

Knitting and Crochet....

3rd August 2016

HAPPY AUGUST!  Shame  about the weather, we have high winds and rain here in Blackpool!

This year is going far to fast....

.....I finished another small baby blanket while I was in London....

.....I made my own pattern up based on an expensive blanket I saw in Zara Home. The yarn is bamboo/cotton and very soft and easy care. Alba, my beautiful granddaughter, was catching her toes in the lacy blanket I made. No holes in this one, just a very small cable for texture. If anybody would like the pattern just contact me.


Bunny now has a little coat.


I belong to an on-line group called Be Creative and the organiser Myfanwy Hart contacted me this week to see if I would be interested in a crochet group. I explained the only crochet I do is bunting and long strips for yarnbombing and can't 'read' a crochet pattern. Myfanwy sent me this link

....I made this....

...a corner to corner or c2c pattern for making a blanket and I love it, so much easier than starting with a long chain and I love the textured pattern!

Need to find a variegated yarn to make a cot blanket!

The link to the site is 


I went over to visit my son while in London and on our way to a lovely Tapas restaurant I saw this...

...a phone box converted into a free lending library... tidy and apparently well used, there is another one round the corner for children's books.


Must now make our evening meal....

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